This is an excellent side by side the plant and the right was treated with URB and Canna Flores. The one on the left is treated with mykos, look at the huge difference this is 4 days after the application too!! Plants are just loving it – thought you would like to see this I was super impressed it’s unheard of with these African violets.

Christmas Cacti grown with URB

One side with URB the other side without URB and only mother nature watering both sides.  The difference is easy to see why I am a URB user from now on.

Your plants will definitely benefit from “root dips” and/or “cube soaks”
“I’ve only been having like 30% success. Now I’m back to 100%….it’s gotta be the URB”

Only been in the cup for 4 days

Close up of multiple roots and with these the ability to reach more water to help utilize the water given to the plant

Nice Garden, How Does Your Garden Grow? URB-Organics will turn the Profits?

Results Don’t Lie – You Can See With Your Eye – Quicker to Harvest, Bigger, Better and Profitable