“After applying URB I noticed a big difference in my plants. After using URB I was amazed to see how plants matured faster than what I was using on plants before URB.”
John Proulx– Michigan



“With URB I did not add additional nutrients during each watering. Compared to the other plants in the room, this plant out grew the other plants not only vertically but also horizontally with a much thicker foliage density. This resulted in a 35% increase over the other plants in the room.
Mike Duncan. — California

“URB Natural when applied correctly boosted my weights 60-80 percent. I believe URB put my watermelons and pumpkins over the top. We grew at least 25 melons over 120 pounds and two over 180 pounds. Thanks and put me in for an order for next season”

(Tony took 1st place in Pumpkins and Watermelons for the largest in each group 2016)
Tony Prochaska.– Kansas (Above)

“It grown 3 times Taller, It produced 300% more GILO ( Vegetables ) then the previous year.
Salve URB Natural, incredible. ”
John Marquis, Brazil (picture on right)